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Whether it's preparing for a marathon, or simply maintaining a wellness routine, finding the perfect gym in Monaco can seem challenging. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best fitness spaces in the Principality, where excellence and exclusivity meet to offer an unparalleled sports experience. From private clubs to high-tech workout spaces, every gym in Monaco promises a personalized approach to achieving your fitness goals. Follow us on this journey through the establishments that are redefining the concept of well-being in Monaco, where each training session is a promise to surpass oneself, in a setting that is as inspiring as it is elitist. Find out which gyms are located next to which prestigious buildings they are accessible from. For example, we offer apartments for sale in the new Bay House complex or at the Odéon Tower, buildings close to 39 Monte-Carlo. 

With its rich sporting heritage and prestigious events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the World Rally Championship, it offers an exceptional setting not only for spectators but also for resident athletes. The Principality is home to a variety of disciplines, ranging from basketball and sailing to athletics and rugby 7s, creating a vibrant sporting culture. In this context, Monaco's gyms and clubs must meet the demands of an elite clientele, including stars of world sport. Among these establishments, several stand out in particular, becoming references in the field of luxury fitness.

In this article, we develop several important aspects such as the cost of membership to the different gyms, but also their location, in which districts of Monaco they are located. This will help you make your decision and know where you are going to sign up.


The Best Gyms in Monaco


39 Monte Carlo

In the heart of Monaco, 39 Monte-Carlo stands as a pillar of excellence in the world of fitness and wellness, transcending the traditional notion of a sports club. This private sanctuary is distinguished by a holistic offering embracing both the physical and mental, where members are invited to redefine their boundaries in an exceptional setting. The club consists of four key elements: a state-of-the-art equipped gym, a restaurant with menus designed by renowned chefs and nutritionists, a spa offering luxury treatments such as the famous caviar treatment from Biologique Recherche, and a hair salon where elegance and style meet.
The 39 Monte-Carlo experience is enriched by a range of exclusive services aimed at cultivating global well-being. Tailor-made assessments, developed in collaboration with specialists in nutrition and functional biology, allow the precise analysis of the bodily needs of each member, thus providing a scientific basis for personal transformation. Light Stretch Therapy, combining functional mobility and ear reflexology under light therapy, is one of the many innovative approaches offered to restore harmony to body and mind.
The "Fit in 6 Weeks" program exemplifies the club's commitment to delivering measurable results, through rigorous training tailored to those eager to excel. The living space at 39 Monte-Carlo, designed to feel like an extension of your own home, inspires a deeper appreciation of life, offering a place where luxury, sport and well-being coexist in perfect harmony.
At 39 Monte-Carlo, every aspect of the experience is designed to encourage members to live life to the fullest, whether through the activation of body and mind in the tailor-made training areas, through moments of relaxation in the private lounge or during a business meeting on the terrace. Personal coaches, with their professional experience in sports and dance, accompany members in their individual or small group sessions, promising a personalized and effective approach.
Bringing together luxury and innovation, 39 Monte-Carlo is not only an exceptional club but also a community united around the quest for absolute well-being.

  • Neighborhood : Larvotto
  • Address: 39 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco
  • Phone: +377 93 25 39 39


Hercule Fitness Club

The Hercule Fitness Club, inaugurated in April 2018 and nestled on the port of Monaco near the Rainier III Nautical Stadium, represents a remarkable step forward in the world of Monegasque fitness. Managed by the municipality, this club stands out not only for its privileged location but also for its commitment to providing high-end services at competitive rates. Equipped with state-of-the-art Life Fitness machines, the club welcomes members of all levels, provided by qualified staff who are attentive to everyone's needs.
The activities on offer are diverse and suitable for all expectations: dynamic fitness classes, energetic spinning sessions, as well as aqua bike and aqua aerobics classes, ideal for those looking to combine sport with the pleasure of water. The offer is complemented by a personalized coaching program, allowing everyone to follow a tailor-made training, adapted to their personal fitness and well-being goals.
The club promises a sporting experience in a modern and welcoming setting, with extended opening hours to suit all schedules. The Hercule Fitness Club is more than a gym; It is a meeting place for fitness enthusiasts, a space where training excellence meets comfort and conviviality, making each visit a key step towards achieving one's health and wellness goals.

  • District: Port of Monaco (Condamine)
  • Address: Quai Albert 1er, 98000 Monaco
  • Phone: (+377) 99 99 02 52


The Forge Monaco

Nestled in Fontvieille, The Forge reveals itself as a personal training laboratory, a sanctuary where your body and your ambitions are the center of attention. With an array of specialist training options, from boxing to ballet, to innovative methods like TACFIT® and GYROTONIC®, The Forge is guided by passionate and skilled coaches ready to meet everyone's needs. Whether you opt for tailor-made personal training or small, intimate group classes, the club caters to all levels, with a focus on achieving common goals.
At the heart of this unique approach, The Forge's philosophy is based on strength, power, resilience and well-being, aiming for profound transformation both physically and mentally. Each session is designed to improve your physical capacity in all its facets, encourage agility, focus and reduce stress in everyday life. With state-of-the-art equipment and a stimulating atmosphere, The Forge in Fontvieille is not just a gym; It is a community where each member is encouraged to challenge themselves, explore new disciplines and discover the full potential of their body in a supportive and forward-thinking environment.

  • Neighborhood : Fontvieille
  • Address: "Le Meridien" 8 Avenue de Fontvielle, MC 98000 Monaco, (entrance also from Ruelle Herculis)
  • Phone: +377 97 77 37 22


Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

At the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, the fitness room is not just a simple training space; It proves to be a true oasis of well-being and performance. Equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment from the ARTIS collection, it offers an unrivalled panoramic training experience, where every detail is thought out for excellence. The meticulous ergonomics of the machines maximize the efficiency of the sessions, guaranteeing optimal results for its users. With UNITY, the built-in interactive console, athletes can immerse themselves in a personalized world: progress tracking, access to their favorite digital content, and even the ability to make video calls during their workouts. 

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, in addition to offering an exceptional setting facing the sea, emphasizes high-quality coaching with a team of dedicated professionals. Whether in this state-of-the-art room or in the aquatic area, the coaches offer a variety of activities designed to meet everyone's goals and motivations, making each visit unique. This emblematic place in Monaco, accessible to guests of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, is not limited to physical fitness; It embodies a deep commitment to global well-being and respect for the environment, through its innovative and responsible approach.

  • District: Carré d'Or (Monte-Carlo)
  • Address:  Avenue de Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco
  • Phone: +377 98 06 69 00


How to choose the right gym in Monaco

Choosing a gym in Monaco largely depends on your personal goals, your budget, and what you're looking for in terms of experience and atmosphere. However, if we had to recommend one, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo could be an exceptional choice for several reasons. First, their location is ideal with stunning views of Port Hercules and the Mediterranean Sea, offering a workout experience in a breathtaking setting. Secondly, the state-of-the-art TechnoGym equipment guarantees a quality and variety of training adapted to any type of physical goal, from beginner to advanced athlete. The connection between equipment and digital technology allows for accurate and personalized tracking of your progress.

What's more, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo is not limited to a fitness room; They offer access to luxury spa facilities, including a heated seawater pool, sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi with sea views, allowing for optimal post-workout recovery. The gym classes offered in the pool add an aquatic dimension to the workout, perfect for those looking to vary their routines or require a gentle approach to fitness. Finally, the luxurious atmosphere and exceptional customer service make every visit to Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo an overall wellness and fitness experience unforgettable. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, relax in a luxurious environment, or simply enjoy beautiful views while exercising, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo ticks all these boxes.

The other gyms mentioned also offer high-quality experiences and services, each with its own peculiarities that might be better suited to different types of goals and preferences. Club 39 Monte-Carlo: This club is ideal if you are looking for a more exclusive and personalized experience. Its foundation by a top athlete ensures a special focus on performance and excellence, which is perfect for those who take their training seriously or are looking to achieve specific goals in a motivating and inspiring setting.

Fairmont Fitness Monte-Carlo: If the luxury and comfort of a renowned hotel appeals to you, then Fairmont Fitness is for you. In addition to its top-of-the-range equipment, you will enjoy access to additional services such as a year-round heated swimming pool, sauna and steam room, as well as fitness classes with panoramic views. World Class Fitness Cap d'Ail: Located on the edge of Monaco, this club is a great choice for those looking for a spacious gym with a wide variety of equipment and group classes. If you live in or near Fontvieille, its location and local partnerships, including with well-known brands and restaurants, make it a convenient and attractive choice.

Hercule Fitness Club: For those who prefer proximity to the port and are looking for a club that offers excellent value for money, the Hercule Fitness Club is ideal. Its easy access, modern equipment, and trained staff able to offer personalized training plans make this club a great choice for all fitness levels. Every gym in Monaco therefore has its strengths, whether in terms of location, facilities, exclusive services or community. The choice will really depend on what is most important to you: exclusivity, setting, variety of classes, access to specific equipment, or simply the general atmosphere of the club.


The price of gyms in Monaco

Monaco offers a wide range of gyms to meet the expectations of residents and visitors in search of physical and mental well-being. These establishments stand out not only for the quality of their facilities and the competence of their staff, but also for their pricing that reflects the Principality's high-end positioning. From exclusive private clubs to more accessible rooms, each establishment offers a unique experience, tailored to the specific needs of its clientele. In this context, it is interesting to look at the prices charged by these different gyms in Monaco, to help you choose the option that best suits your expectations and budget.


Name of the gym Location Opening hours Prices (for adults) Highlights/Specific notes
Brown House Athletic Club 41 avenue Hector Otto, 98000 Monaco Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Group lessons: 30€, Personalized lessons: 90€ Private sessions and specific classes for six people.
Blackout Academy 11 Rue Louis Notari, 98000 Monaco Monday-Saturday: according to annual schedule Adults: 350-600€/year, Teenagers: 300-450€/year Focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Boxing, Luta Book, M.M.A.
Fit Factory Avenue Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Saturday-Sunday: 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Annual subscription: 1860€ 600m2 facing the sea, machines and spinning with video projection.
Eclub 6 Bd des Moulins, 98000 Monaco Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Sunday: Closed 1 month: 125€, 3 months: 350€, 6 months: 650€, 1 year: 79€/month Room 100% connected with various sports activities.
Hercule Fitness Club Quai Albert 1er, 98000 Monaco Monday-Friday: 7am-9.30pm, Saturday-Sunday and holidays: 8am-6pm Monthly: 180€, Annual: 1100€, Day: 25€ Managed by Monaco City Hall, offers a variety of courses and modern machines.
39 Monte Carlo 39 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-10 p.m., Saturday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Annual: 4900€ Private club with high-tech equipment and expert trainers.
MonaMove Port of Fontvieille and Port Hercule N/A (Free access) Free Outdoor sports platform, solar equipment, sea views.
World Class 6 Av. Marquet, 06320 Cap-d'Ail, France Monday-Sunday: 7am-10pm (weekends: 8am-7pm) Monthly: 450€ Located on the border, full equipment, sauna and steam room available.
The Forge 8 Avenue de Fontvieille, 98000 Monaco Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Group: 30-60€/session, Personalized: 120€/session Focus on strength, power, resilience and well-being.
Gymway 3 Bd du Général Leclerc, 06240 Beausoleil, France Monday-Saturday: 8:30am-8:30pm, Sunday: 9am-8:30pm From 69€/month, Personalized course: 65€ Personalized follow-up, varied group lessons, family atmosphere.
Fairmont Fitness & Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo Different locations in Monaco 24 hours a day for Fairmont, unspecified hours for Thermes Marins Fairmont: Annual Gold/Platinum: 3000€/3540€, Thermes Marins: Wellness access: 150€ Access to top-of-the-range facilities including swimming pool, sauna, steam room.


Find your perfect fitness space

Choosing a gym in Monaco is a process that reflects not only a personal commitment to health and well-being, but also a quest for quality and exclusivity adapted to the sumptuous setting of the Principality. Whether you're an elite athlete looking for performance, a wellness enthusiast looking for a holistic experience, or simply looking for a friendly space to keep fit, Monaco offers an array of exceptional gyms. Each, from 39 Monte-Carlo with its personalized and luxurious approach, to the Hercule Fitness Club and its iconic location, to the innovative The Forge and the prestigious Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, is designed to meet your highest expectations. The importance of finding a room that resonates with your personal goals and preferences cannot be understated. This goes far beyond state-of-the-art equipment or workout programs: it's about choosing a place where you'll feel motivated, supported, and inspired. The atmosphere, the community and the expertise of the coaches are all elements that contribute to an enriching, motivating and sustainable experience.

The gyms in Monaco, with their diversity and excellence, perfectly exemplify the Principality's commitment to luxury, health and wellness. They offer both spaces for physical training, and places for meetings and exchanges, thus strengthening the social fabric of this elite community. Taking into account your specific needs, fitness goals and budget, you will find a gym in Monaco that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them, inviting you to live a sporting and social adventure like no other. Investing in a gym membership in Monaco is therefore much more than a matter of fitness; It's a lifestyle choice, a commitment to yourself to reach uncharted heights of physical and mental well-being. As you make this decision, remember that every step towards your chosen gym is one step closer to realizing your maximum potential. In the prestigious setting of Monaco, each training session is transformed into a unique experience, making the pursuit of excellence not only a goal, but a daily reality.

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