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The off market, which means "outside the market", is a marketing strategy used by our real estate agency in Monaco and in major cities in France such as Paris. It turns out to be very popular with customers. Indeed, with this technique, the real estate sales procedure is faster, the prices are also higher. Moreover, the property is considered to be rare and exclusive. As a result, there is no negotiation to be done for a price reduction.


What is it about ?

Traditionally, for the sale of a property, an advertisement is published on the various platforms. However, some transactions are done discreetly without going through this process.

The technique therefore represents all platforms serving as channels for the sale and/or purchase of real estate which are not exposed to the public and which are deliberately hidden from it. The principle of the hidden sale is that there is no platform or places intended for the exchange of goods. To do good business, this technique turns out to be interesting.

Indeed, a hidden property is a property that is not available on the various platforms for the sale of real estate (dedicated websites, magazines, newspapers, etc.). How it works ? We talk about real estate by word of mouth, and only certain people, belonging to a network not known to the public, know of the existence of these real estates. Information and personal data cannot therefore be transmitted over the internet, but only in private meetings. For this reason, we cannot put all of our properties online on our website. We therefore invite you if you do not find the product corresponding to your search to us contact directly.

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A common technique in luxury

As in the French capital, Paris, finding an apartment in Monaco is relatively difficult today. As demand outstrips supply, this marketing technique is increasingly used by Monegasque agents for their clients. This gives the possibility to use other channels and to estimate the property correctly. This practice has long been widespread in luxury. Indeed, some owners refuse to show their house or apartment through sale prices or photos, because they are cautious and do not wish to reveal their privacy. Thus, more and more sellers are interested in the "off market" strategy to enhance their property and obtain a proposal at the best price. And if that doesn't work, they return to traditional transaction platforms (internet and social networks). We find in this trade several types of goods whose prices reach several million euros, the transactions can thus range from 2 to 100 million euros.

Like landlords, some developers don't want to reveal the location and price of their properties. For this reason, they call on our agency, which plays the role of a real intermediary between them and the client who is looking. As a Monegasque real estate professional, our agency listens to client requests and carefully selects the properties that best suit them. Among these goods, we always offer products that are not referenced on our website. For this reason if you wish to have access to our entire catalog of properties, we invite you to contact us directly by phone at +377 92 00 16 00 or by email in order to organize an appointment and establish a selection. tailored.


What are its advantages in Monaco?

Over-the-counter transactions are great assets for sellers. Indeed, opting for this trade is synonymous with prudence and confidentiality. Compared to traditional techniques, the sales time can be shorter, because we will present you with a tailor-made selection to help you in your choice.


The advantages of the "Off Market" for the seller in Monaco

The off-sale technique offers various advantages to owner-sellers:

• Selling in complete confidentiality;

• Make his good a rare good;

• Obtaining an offer at the advertised price is easier;

• Analyze the first reactions of potential buyers;

• Possibility of withdrawing one's property at any time;

• Ensure total discretion during a sale;

• Ensure the relevance of the cost of the asset.


The advantages of the "Off Market" for buyers in Monaco

Even if this trade is at the initiative of the seller, the buyer can also take advantage of it and potentially make good deals:

• Choice of a rare property;

• Potentially take more time to refine your purchase proposal;

• Have access to non-marketed real estate;

• Little competition during visits, because there are fewer potential buyers.


The off-market favorable to rental investment

Off-site real estate can very well contribute to the success of rental investment thanks to its rarity and exclusivity. Indeed, you can rent out your exclusive property and earn additional income by receiving the rent. Our agency can of course take care of rental management, one of our specialties. With knowledge in many areas (marketing, law, taxation, etc.), our agency can help you enjoy better rental benefits. The “off market” technique therefore allows investors to acquire profitable properties before the competition. You will be winners because you avoid the competition.


How does it work and how do I access it?

The "off market" market is proving difficult to access! The goods are not broadcast and to get the information you need an intermediary. For this, our agency is at your disposal to analyze your needs with you and give you access to apartments that go under the radar. For example, we have several apartments available in large buildings such as the Tour Odéon or L'exotique. However, we cannot release information about these discrete assets and provide access to this information only to customers known to our company.

As a professional property hunter, we will use our connections (professionals in the field, real estate agency, other opportunities, etc.) to find good deals that you cannot find yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us to have access to goods!


Off-market purchase: How do we find your future property?

After defining the area of ​​the city, the neighborhood or the building you are interested in, we will send the owners your proposal and your personal data.

Our agency having a good understanding of local sales, a developed network made up of notaries, brokers, promoters, real estate agencies will allow us to find the rare pearl.

Our Petrini Real Estate agency, in Monaco, offers “off market” real estate. Surely there are properties that are suitable for your search in our catalog, but that we cannot show everything publicly. Are you looking for an “off market” apartment? Please contact us to access exclusive properties in Monaco, make an appointment!



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