Safety in Monaco: an international model

Safety in Monaco: Why is the Principality considered one of the safest places in the world?

Monaco, thanks to a well-thought-out public security policy and a culture of mutual respect rooted in society, enjoys remarkable serenity on a daily basis. This tranquillity is the result of a concerted effort, both by the princely government, and by every individual residing in or visiting the principality. The commitment to internal security and civil security is manifest through appropriate means of general surveillance of the territory. Monaco has sophisticated infrastructure to protect institutions, property and people, illustrating a comprehensive and integrated security approach.

The Principality is particularly known for its exceptionally high ratio of police officers per capita, reinforcing this feeling of security around every corner. In addition, the integration of advanced technologies, such as 24/7 video surveillance throughout the country, completes this system. Monegasque police officers, who have been intensively trained for nearly two years, adhere to strict instructions to maintain order and security, as evidenced by the regulations rigorously applied in various aspects of daily life. The result is an extremely low crime rate, making Monaco an example of urban security in Europe.

For these reasons and all the others we will develop in this article, the Principality is an increasingly attractive country and many families want to move to Monaco to build their new life. Without further ado, check out some interesting statistics about safety in Monaco.


Monaco's crime rate continues to fall

Monaco enjoys a global reputation for safety, with crime rates continuing to show a downward trend, affirming its status as one of the most peaceful and safe places on earth. Between 2016 and 2019, there was a significant decrease in general crime by 16% and street crime by 52%. More specifically, between 2018 and 2019, general crime incidents decreased from 936 to 889, and street crime incidents decreased from 121 to 90 cases. Burglaries saw a 23% reduction and pickpocketing by 73%.

In 2020, the downward trend continued with a 19% reduction in the overall crime rate compared to the previous year. The decline is attributed to an increase in police patrols and a broader public safety campaign to keep those numbers low. As part of the "Police 2020" strategy, the government has launched the "Monaco, a Safe City" plan, aimed at improving security practices among socio-economic partners and increasing public awareness on preventive measures against crime. In addition, the Quality of Life Preservation Unit (UPCV) has been set up to improve daily safety in the Principality, focusing on traffic, combating anti-social behaviour and reducing noise pollution.


The Monegasque police force: an impressive ratio


How many police officers per capita in Monaco?

Monaco promotes a proactive approach to public safety, reflected in a high number of police officers dedicated to the protection of its citizens and visitors. According to the Directorate of Public Security, the total number of public security personnel is divided between men and women, with 502 men and 100 women, totalling 602 members in 2022. This force includes police officers, officers, officers and ranks, as well as administrative employees, highlighting the impressive ratio of police officers per capita, ensuring prompt monitoring and response to any incident.


Who is in charge of the police in Monaco?

Security in Monaco is provided by several corps, including the Urban Police, the Maritime and Airport Police, and the Prince's Carabinieri Corps. The latter, created by Sovereign Ordinance in 1817, is dedicated exclusively to the protection of the Sovereign Prince and his family, demonstrating his devotion through the daily ceremony of the Changing of the Guard. With 124 soldiers.

The Prince's Carabinieri Corps, a military unit created by Sovereign Ordinance in 1817, is exclusively dedicated to the protection of the Sovereign Prince and his family. With 124 military personnel, this force illustrates Monaco's deep commitment to security, not only through the direct protection of the princely family but also through participation in official ceremonies and the provision of emergency services. In 2022, the Corps carried out 3,880 guards at the Prince's Palace, provided 2,190 police factions, and participated in numerous official ceremonies, reflecting its central role in the Principality's public safety.

This information illustrates Monaco's ongoing effort to maintain its status as one of the safest jurisdictions in the world, thanks to a significant police presence and a well-organized security structure. The Principality is committed to providing a safe environment for its residents and the many visitors it welcomes each year, contributing to its image as a place of excellence and safety.


Nightlife in Monaco: tranquillity guaranteed


Can I go for a leisurely walk in Monaco in the evening?

Monaco offers unrivalled tranquillity, even during the night hours. The Principality is renowned for its exemplary safety, which allows residents and visitors to enjoy night walks in complete serenity. Well-maintained and illuminated pedestrian connections, including elevators, escalators, disabled rides, and moving walkways, make it easy to get around Monaco, even at night. In 2022, the number of these mechanical connection devices according to type was maintained or slightly increased, thus ensuring smooth and safe urban mobility for all.

Monaco's urban infrastructure is designed to promote pedestrian safety and comfort. With 88 elevators, 35 escalators, and a variety of accessibility features, the city guarantees easy access to its many neighborhoods, parks, and attractions, even outside of regular opening hours. In addition, the provision of public galleries and passageways, of which there were 48 in 2022, contributes to a pleasant and safe walking experience after sunset

In Monaco, residents and visitors can display jewelry, diamonds, and luxury watches without fear, unlike in big cities like Milan, Paris, or New York, where the fear of snatching limits this freedom. The principality provides unparalleled security, thanks to intensive surveillance and police presence, providing a setting where luxury and serenity coexist harmoniously.

In addition, Monaco has set up an impressive video surveillance system with 984 cameras covering its 2km² territory. This device, launched in the 1980s, contributes significantly to public safety, allowing for continuous surveillance of various spaces, including galleries, elevators, and public spaces. The population perceives this measure positively, seeing in these "teleeyes" an effective deterrent against malicious acts, while strengthening the security of people and property.


Evening Event Safety: A Top Priority

Monaco, with its calendar rich in cultural and sporting events, places safety at the heart of its concerns. Each event is an opportunity for the Principality to demonstrate its expertise in public security. Night-time events, such as concerts at the Sporting d'été, AS Monaco matches, or temporary exhibitions in its museums, benefit from reinforced security measures. The objective is clear: to ensure that each participant can enjoy a memorable experience in complete peace of mind.

Rigorous management of the vehicle fleet and facilitation of mobility through public transport services also contribute to the safety of events. The capacity and use of public car parks, with a grand total of 18,172 spaces in 2022, and the organisation of urban transport are designed to deter traffic jams and promote a smooth flow of traffic, thus reducing the risk of accidents or inconvenience for residents and visitors.

Nightlife in Monaco is a reflection of the Principality's commitment to the safety and quality of life of its residents and visitors. Whether it's for a simple stroll under the stars or to take part in one of its many nightlife events, Monaco promises an experience that is both enriching and safe.


Monaco's digital security

The field of digital security in Monaco, as illustrated in the IMSEE 2023 report, highlights the government's significant efforts to protect the integrity and confidentiality of information systems and networks against cyber threats. The Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) plays a central role in this mission, focusing on the detection, analysis and neutralization of malicious files and digital attacks. The statistics reveal a notable increase in the number of cyber threats identified, reflecting a global trend of rising cyberattacks. To effectively counter these threats, the AMSN has strengthened its surveillance and response capabilities, equipping itself with state-of-the-art technologies and developing cybersecurity strategies adapted to the constantly changing digital landscape.

International cooperation is also a priority for AMSN, which actively exchanges information and practices with foreign partners to improve the prevention and management of cybersecurity incidents. This collaborative approach is crucial in the face of cyber adversaries that know no borders, allowing Monaco to benefit from intelligence and advanced technologies in the field of digital security. In addition, training and raising awareness of end-users on good IT security practices are essential components of AMSN's strategy. By educating citizens and businesses about cyber risks and adequate protective measures, Monaco aims to create a strong and resilient cybersecurity culture.

At the same time, AMSN closely monitors attack trends and methods, adapting its defenses based on new tactics employed by cybercriminals. This includes continuously improving critical digital security infrastructures and implementing advanced solutions to detect and neutralize threats before they reach their targets. Through these efforts, Monaco continues to strengthen its digital security posture, protecting its citizens, businesses, and critical infrastructure from an array of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Monaco's global digital security strategy, focused on prevention, detection and rapid response to incidents, demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a safe and secure digital environment. This proactive and dynamic approach is essential to address the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, ensuring the protection of digital assets and the continuity of essential services in the principality.


Monaco Security: A World Exception

In conclusion, Monaco stands out as one of the safest places on the planet, offering an exceptional quality of life and unparalleled serenity to its residents and visitors. Thanks to a comprehensive and well-thought-out public safety strategy, coupled with a culture of mutual respect that is deeply rooted in its society, the Principality of Monaco stands out as one of the safest places in the world. The commitment of the Prince's Government and the community as a whole to internal safety and civil security, as demonstrated by appropriate means of surveillance and a significant police presence, ensures daily tranquillity and a continuous reduction in the crime rate.

Monaco's approach to security is comprehensive, incorporating not only increased physical surveillance through an exceptional ratio of police officers per capita and the use of advanced technologies like video surveillance, but also a focus on digital security in the face of growing cyber threats. The Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) plays a crucial role in the latter, adopting advanced cybersecurity strategies to protect the integrity and confidentiality of information.

Monaco's nightlife, enriched by a diverse calendar of cultural and sporting events, also benefits from this serenity, offering locals and tourists the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of the Principality in complete safety. From night strolls to large-scale events, safety remains a top priority, ensuring a rewarding and worry-free experience for all. 

Monaco, thanks to its continuous efforts and commitment to safety, maintains its image as a place of excellence and tranquility. The Principality is not only preserving its current status, but continues to innovate and adapt to emerging challenges, ensuring its reputation as one of the most peaceful and secure places on the planet. With a focus on public safety, civil security, and cybersecurity, Monaco demonstrates its unique model of protection and well-being, inviting the world to recognize and appreciate the inestimable value of its unique security.

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