The Villas du Sporting in Monaco

Villas du Sporting in Monaco: Luxury, Nature and Architecture

In the heart of the Principality of Monaco, an architectural gem is revealed, offering an unprecedented residential experience. The Villas du Sporting, with their avant-garde design and privileged location, redefine the Mediterranean way of life.

Nestled between the famous Sporting d'été and the Rocabella, these three majestic villas offer stunning views of the glittering sea. Their strategic position allows residents to enjoy both the tranquility of the sea and the lush greenery that surrounds them, consisting of umbrella pines, cypresses, Atlas cedars and majestic palm trees.


Design and Architecture: A Perfect Fusion

Architects Christian Curau and Laurent Gire have imagined a space that merges harmoniously with its environment. Inspired by the curves of the Sporting d'été and the curved terrain of the offshore extension, they adopted a curve-centric approach, creating fluid and organic spaces.

Inside, each villa is a masterpiece in itself. Olivier Antoine, the interior designer in charge, ensured that the curves of the facades extended into the interior, ensuring optimal use of every corner.

Exclusivity can be felt down to the smallest detail. The marble floors, especially Persian limestone and Carrara marble, evoke timeless elegance. Curved Zebra woodwork and natural smoky quartz add a contemporary touch. In addition, most of the custom-made furniture perfectly fits the rounded shapes of the rooms, showing meticulous attention to each element.


Gardens that Exude Serenity

Jean Mus, the renowned landscape architect, has transformed the exteriors into true havens of peace. By harmonizing the mineral of the buildings with the vegetal of the environment, he has created gardens that exude an atmosphere that is both authentic and intimate. The retention of the existing umbrella pines and the addition of new citrus groves enhance this Mediterranean ambience.

Each villa comes with its own infinity pool, providing a relaxing oasis with stunning sea views. Direct access to the sea for swimming is a unique experience in the Principality, allowing residents to fully enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.


Amenities & Services: Everyday Luxury

Living at the Villas du Sporting also means benefiting from a range of top-of-the-range services. From the 24-hour concierge service to access to the lagoon and fitness room at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, everything is designed with residents' comfort in mind. Not to mention the optional services, such as the butler service, the chef at home or the use of the helipad on the Sporting Monte-Carlo peninsula.


The Three Villas: An Overview


Villa N°1 unfurnished: With 550m² of living space, it offers a generous space with a garden level of 370m² and an upper floor of 180m². Balconies and terraces cover 200m², and a private basement of 325m² houses a garage and service rooms.


Villa N°2 unfurnished: This villa of 490m² consists of a garden level of 323m² and an upper floor of 167m². The outdoor areas, including balconies and terraces, extend over 170m², while the private basement of 300m² offers a garage and service rooms.


Villa N°3 Furnished: The largest of the three, it extends over approximately 650m². The garden level of 353m² and the first floor of 152m² are completed by balconies and terraces of 276m². The private basement, with an impressive surface area of 547m², includes a garage, service rooms and a 140m² play area.


Thus, the Villas du Sporting are not simple residences; they embody a way of life. Between luxury, design and nature, they offer a residential experience that is unique in the Principality. For those looking to experience the magic of Monaco in an exceptional setting, the Villas du Sporting are the destination par excellence. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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