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The Boulevard des Moulins Monaco purchase of exceptional properties

Nestled in the heart of Monaco, a stone's throw from the Carré d'Or, the Boulevard des Moulins stands out as one of the most coveted and prestigious addresses in the Principality. A symbol of Monegasque elegance, this family-friendly and bourgeois boulevard is lined with luxury buildings, offering a unique neighbourhood life where conviviality and luxury blend harmoniously. Luxury boutiques, renowned cafes such as Cova, and choice restaurants such as Anoia, contribute to the exclusive atmosphere of this area. The Place des Moulins, the beating heart of the district, is a meeting place known to all, perfectly illustrating the community spirit that reigns there. Our agency offers several apartments for sale, such as this apartment for sale in the centre of Monaco in the Monte-Carlo House residence.

Buying a property on Boulevard des Moulins is a safe and long-term investment. The apartments, often period, stand out for their generous size, a rarity in the rest of Monaco, with high ceilings and luxurious finishes, testifying to the Principality's rich architectural heritage. Living on the Boulevard des Moulins means choosing an exceptional living environment, where every day is a celebration of refinement and quality of life, in an environment where everyone knows each other, adding a personal touch to Monegasque exclusivity.

Investing in real estate on the Boulevard des Moulins is therefore much more than acquiring an exceptional property; it means offering yourself an unrivalled lifestyle, within a close-knit community and in one of the most sought-after settings in Monaco, where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. In this article, we will describe the places you need to know before booking a visit with our agency for your future property purchase in the Principality.


Why choose the Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco?

The Boulevard des Moulins stands out not only for its strategic location in the heart of Monaco, but also for its charm and elegance that make it one of the most attractive streets in the Principality. Located in the heart of the Monte-Carlo district, this boulevard is tastefully decorated, it sports alleys lined with fruit trees, giving the space a lively and colorful atmosphere throughout the year. The facades of the buildings, meticulously maintained and repainted in warm tones, as well as the renowned shops that line this thoroughfare, contribute to its unique and refined atmosphere, evoking the cleanliness and order of an almost fairytale world.

The Boulevard des Moulins' proximity to Monaco's iconic landmarks, such as the famous Casino de Monaco, adds to its appeal to property buyers and investors. The Place des Moulins, the vibrant heart of the district, is perfectly served by bus lines, especially line 1 in the direction of Saint Roman, facilitating access to different parts of the city and making the daily life of residents both practical and pleasant.

Choosing to invest on the Boulevard des Moulins means opting for an exclusive lifestyle in one of Monaco's most sought-after areas. It means benefiting from an exceptional living environment, where architectural beauty and proximity to Monegasque jewels combine to offer an unparalleled living experience.


Types of properties available on the Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco

The Boulevard des Moulins is full of apartments with a significant character, ranging from practical studios to spacious duplexes, including exceptional penthouses. A notable example of what our agency offers for sale is the "Sea View Penthouse - Villa San Carlo", a prestigious property offering luxurious services and breathtaking views of Monaco and the Mediterranean. Each property on the boulevard stands out for its unique charm, high ceilings and generous spaces, often surpassing current standards.

To identify the property that meets your needs, it is essential to define your priorities. If you are looking for an apartment full of charm, with high ceilings and larger spaces than current standards, or a family apartment close to amenities, the Boulevard des Moulins is the perfect place for you. The diversity of properties available ensures that you will find the property that not only meets your requirements, but enchants you every day with its exceptional character and privileged location.

Choosing a property on the Boulevard des Moulins means opting for a superior quality of life in one of Monaco's most prestigious districts, where historic charm meets modern comfort in an absolutely unique setting. Investing in real estate on the prestigious Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco presents a unique potential for discerning buyers. Here are some tips for choosing the best type of property to buy in this exceptional location:

  • Primary or Secondary Residence : The decision to buy a residence on Boulevard des Moulins should be guided by your life project. If you are thinking of settling there permanently, a main residence in this central district offers you privileged access to all the services and attractions of Monaco. For those looking for a pied-à-terre in the Principality, a second home in this area offers a luxurious and convenient retreat for your stays.

  • Rental Investment : The Boulevard des Moulins, thanks to its reputation and strategic location, is ideal for a rental investment. The demand for quality housing is consistently high, offering attractive returns. A rental property here can serve as both a financial investment and a second home depending on your needs.

  • Commercial or Office Space : For entrepreneurs, the acquisition of a commercial space or an office on Boulevard des Moulins is a business opportunity not to be overlooked. The location ensures maximum visibility and attracts a high-end clientele, key elements for the success of any business or professional service. We also offer a business on the Boulevard des Moulins, ideal for launching your business in Monaco.


The real estate market on the Boulevard des Moulins

The real estate market on the Boulevard des Moulins, integrated into the prestigious Monte-Carlo district in Monaco, demonstrates remarkable trends in 2023, reflecting the unique dynamics of this luxury enclave. The value and scarcity of properties in this area is amplified by its location and historical appeal, making any trend analysis particularly meaningful to investors and potential residents.

In 2023, the Monegasque real estate market, particularly on the Boulevard des Moulins, was characterised by sustained interest in high-end properties, leading to a notable increase in average prices per square metre, which again exceeds €51,000. This price increase comes against a backdrop of a moderate decline in the number of transactions, suggesting limited supply in the face of still strong demand. Real estate in this area continues to attract an international clientele looking for exclusive residences in one of Monaco's most sought-after areas.

The upward trend in prices is particularly pronounced for apartments with 4 rooms and more, reflecting a marked preference for spacious properties offering luxury and comfort. Indeed, the average price per square meter of resales for these categories of apartments is breaking records, highlighting the constant appeal of large real estate on the Boulevard des Moulins. These price changes suggest that buyers are increasingly prioritising quality and space, ready to invest in exceptional properties that symbolise the prestige of living in Monte Carlo.

In this context, the ideal time to buy on the Boulevard des Moulins depends largely on the objectives and the financial capacity of the buyer. For investors looking for long-term value, buying in a rising market may seem counterintuitive, but the premium location and constant demand for luxury properties in Monaco may justify such an investment. On the other hand, for those looking to make a wise real estate investment, it might be wise to keep a close eye on the market to identify potential buying opportunities, especially during temporary slowdowns or slight price corrections.

The Boulevard des Moulins remains a prestigious address within Monaco's real estate market, with current trends highlighting the robustness and enduring appeal of this sector. Potential buyers, however, should proceed diligently and consider the importance of strategic planning, given the high price levels and complex dynamics of the local market.


Living on the Boulevard des Moulins in Monte-Carlo

Living on the Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco means treating yourself to a daily life marked by exclusivity and ease, surrounded by a rich offer of services, luxury shops, and green spaces. This boulevard, a veritable artery of the Monte-Carlo district, is home to renowned restaurants such as Anoia, Casa di Nonna, Joël Robuchon's Deli, not to mention the Maison du Caviar, offering a gastronomic diversity that will satisfy the most demanding palates. For lovers of sweets, the Pâtisserie Riviera and the Café Cova are must-sees, complemented by the Café Boulevard des Moulins for those looking to enjoy a coffee in a friendly setting.

Practical life on Boulevard des Moulins is also very pleasant, with access to numerous pharmacies, two newsstands, and the Saint-Charles church, adding a community and spiritual dimension to this area. Residents benefit from excellent accessibility thanks to several public car parks such as Parking Place des Moulins, Parking Saint-Laurent, and Parking Saint-Charles, making it easy to get around.

For families, the proximity of the Saint-Charles school, the Cours Saint Maure, and the Kids Club, where children can be left safely, is an undeniable advantage. The many hairdressers, luxury boutiques such as Baby Dior, Fashion for Floors, and Moghadam, as well as clothing boutiques, cater to all shopping desires. In addition, the easy access to two supermarkets, the Marché U and the gardens in Place des Moulins, ensures a convenient and pleasant daily life.

The excellent connectivity of the Boulevard des Moulins is enhanced by public elevators that connect the boulevard to other important streets, such as the Boulevard Grande-Bretagne, and facilitate access to the prestigious Carré d'Or district. Finally, the bus network, with several stops along the boulevard and lines 1 and 4 crossing the entire principality, offers unparalleled mobility.

Living on the Boulevard des Moulins therefore means embracing a life of luxury and convenience, in one of the most dynamic and well-connected areas of Monaco, where quality of life, culture and high-end services come together to create an unparalleled residential experience.


The buildings on the Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco

The Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco, famous for its charm and prestige, is dotted with emblematic buildings that bear witness to the Principality's rich history and exclusivity. These buildings, each with its unique features and distinct real estate offerings, contribute to the unparalleled character of this neighborhood.

Among these buildings is the Monte Carlo House, known for its elegant architecture and luxurious finishes. The Victor Palace offers a breathtaking view of the sea, embodying Monegasque excellence. L'Union, with its historic façade, stands out for its old-world charm, while Villa San Carlo offers high-end apartments, offering breathtaking panoramas of Monaco and its surroundings.

Villa La Lestra is another architectural gem, appreciated for its spacious accommodations and privileged location. The Regina and Le Continental, with their imposing facades, are symbols of residential elegance, offering an exceptional living environment to their inhabitants. The Miramare Palace, on the other hand, seduces with its regal allure and luxuriously furnished apartments.

Le Palmier and Le Trocadéro are also noteworthy, offering comfortable and well-equipped residences, while Le Casabella is prized for its refined aesthetics and privacy. Each of these buildings contributes to the reputation of the Boulevard des Moulins, offering residents and investors diversified options ranging from modern studios to sumptuous penthouses, all benefiting from the Monegasque quality of life and proximity to the many advantages that this privileged location offers.


The Place des Moulins in Monaco, the focal point of the Boulevard

The Place des Moulins in Monaco is about to undergo a major transformation that promises to redefine its face and further enrich the urban fabric of the Principality. This development, first mentioned during the discussions on the 2024 preliminary budget, was highlighted by Minister of State Pierre Dartout as a priority project. He highlighted the ambition to make the Place des Moulins an attractive place to live, marked by a pronounced environmental approach.

The planned redevelopment of the Europa Residence at the Trocadero pergola, confirmed during private sessions of the National Council, is eagerly awaited by both the population and the shopkeepers of the district. This restructuring underlines the importance of working closely with all affected landowners, in a complex land area characterized by public/private timeshares. The objective is to obtain unanimous approval to move forward with this project at a reasonable cost for the State.

This initiative shows Monaco's desire to reinvent itself while preserving its heritage, with a focus on urban planning that respects both the history and the future of the Principality. The Place des Moulins, with its rich past and its potential to become an even more vibrant urban space, is at the heart of this transformation process. The project highlights the importance of careful land management and collaboration between different stakeholders, highlighting the challenges, but also the unique opportunities that urban development presents in Monaco.

With the planned improvement of the Place des Moulins, investing on the Boulevard des Moulins becomes even more relevant and attractive for buyers and investors. The renovation of this iconic square, in the heart of the Monte Carlo district, is a clear indication of Monaco's long-term vision to improve and enhance its urban heritage, while making the daily lives of its residents and the visit of its many guests even more enjoyable.

This ambitious redevelopment project underlines Monaco's commitment to a high quality of life and sustainable development, two key factors that enhance the attractiveness of the Boulevard des Moulins as a prime real estate investment location. The planned transformation of Place des Moulins is likely to improve the aesthetics of the area, increase commercial attractiveness and provide more welcoming public spaces, thus contributing to the overall appreciation of the area.

For investors, this means a unique opportunity to be part of a changing urban environment, where every improvement to the living environment can result in an increase in property values. Real estate located near areas that have recently been renovated or are under development tend to benefit from greater demand and increased capital appreciation, making investment on the Boulevard des Moulins particularly strategic at this precise time. the positive evolution of the Place des Moulins reinforces the positioning of the Boulevard des Moulins as a preferred investment location in Monaco. Buyers who choose to invest now can expect to benefit from both Monaco's unique and prestigious environment, and significant added value as the redevelopment project takes shape and enriches the urban fabric of the Principality.

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