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Carbon Tax : do you pay it on registered vehicles in Monaco?
Paolo Petrini
Paolo Petrini

Are new vehicles registered in Monaco subject to taxes?

In the face of European environmental initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions through the introduction of taxes on new vehicles, Monaco has a distinct configuration. Due to its non-membership of the European Union, the Principality does not apply the same taxation policy based on CO2 emissions and the weight of new vehicles. This regulatory specificity offers a different perspective for Monaco residents and those planning to take up residence there.

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Decree Law: Italian Income Taxes in Monaco

Impact of the new decree in Monaco: Income Tax Law in Italy

With the recent amendments introduced by Legislative Decree No. 209 of 27 December 2023, the law on income taxes in Italy has undergone important updates that not only profoundly reform the tax system for Italian residents, but also open up new perspectives for those contemplating the possibility of moving abroad. In this context, Monaco emerges not only as a tax haven, but as an ideal lifestyle destination, combining economic benefits with an incomparable quality of life.

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Monaco Taxation and Taxes: Understanding the Monegasque Tax System

Taxation in Monaco: An Overview

Monaco stands out for its unique tax system in Europe. This tax specificity is often cited, but rarely understood in its entirety. What makes taxation in Monaco so different and why is it attracting so much international attention? Is this really the tax haven we imagine?

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