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Neuehouse Monaco: Transformation in front of Mareterra

Neuehouse Monaco: Transformation and Innovation at the Portier

The Neuehouse project. Located in the prestigious Portier district, this project promises to transform the space formerly occupied by the Ni Box, a leisure centre for young people, into a modern and dynamic living space. In the heart of urban development, Neuehouse aims to be more than just a workspace; It's a fusion of culture, innovation, and friendliness. Designed to blend naturally into the Mareterra landscape, this new complex embodies Monaco's ambition to remain at the forefront of urban and cultural innovation. With the participation of renowned architects Emmanuel Deverini, the project aims to create an environment where work, leisure and culture come together harmoniously.

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3 min.
Park & Ride with 3000 spaces in Èze

A Major Project to Streamline Access to Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is seeking to solve its road traffic problem by proposing a major project: the creation of a 3000-space park-and-ride facility in Èze, on the Brasca site. This initiative aims to improve the mobility of the thousands of employees who travel daily to and from France to Monaco

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