Towards New Horizons: The Summer Sporting and the Meridien Hotel

The Future of Sporting d'Été and Hotel Méridien

The Monegasque horizon is emerging with new ambitions as the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM) unveils ambitious plans for two of its emblematic treasures: the Sporting d'Été and the Hôtel Méridien. With a history of more than half a century, these emblematic establishments located in the Larvotto district, are about to undergo a spectacular metamorphosis, reaffirming Monaco's determination to remain at the top of exclusivity and refinement.


Sporting d'Été: a new era of entertainment in perspective

For more than 50 years, the Sporting d'Été has been the beacon of Monegasque entertainment, hosting legendary artists and unforgettable cultural events. However, as time passes and industry standards evolve, it's time for this venerable building to undergo a major transformation. The current project aims to reinvent the Sporting d'Été by creating a new immersive experience.

The famous Salle aux Étoiles, where musical legends have amazed the public, is destined to regain its former glory, but with a contemporary twist. A new performance hall is in the works, providing a larger space for captivating performances. This redesigned room will accommodate a larger audience and meet the changing expectations of modern spectators.

The new Sporting d'Été will not only be an enlarged concert hall. It will also feature state-of-the-art nightclubs and innovative restaurants. The goal is to create a world-class entertainment complex where visitors can enjoy exquisite dishes, dance to the rhythm of current music and experience unforgettable moments, all in a luxurious and contemporary setting.


But it's not the only one experiencing changes, as Le Méridien Hotel could also be on the verge of undergoing a significant transformation.


Towards a New Era of Luxury

The Hotel Méridien is also preparing for a major revival. SBM, led by Stéphane Valeri, has great aspirations for the Hôtel Méridien. Although it only owns the hotel's business, SBM aims for a complete overhaul. The idea is to create a modern and luxurious hotel complex, in harmony with the prestigious aura of Monaco. This transformation would aim to offer travelers an exquisite experience, combining refinement and comfort.

The central question remains: renovate or rebuild? The answer remains to be determined. If a demolition/reconstruction is envisaged, Stéphane Valeri has already sketched a vision: a demolition of the building dating from the 70s to make way for a new hotel icon. The integration of green spaces and swimming pools, as well as a balanced distribution between hotel facilities and residences, could offer a balance between glamour and conviviality.

With these ambitious projects, SBM reinforces its commitment to elevate Monaco's status as a must-see luxury destination. The Sporting d'Été and the Hôtel Méridien, emblematic symbols of Monaco's past, are transformed into jewels of modernity and innovation, ready to welcome a new generation of demanding travellers. These projects embody SBM's vision to create exceptional experiences and keep Monaco at the forefront of prestige. This approach is part of a development perspective of the Monegasque coast, with Le Méridien, the Sporting d'Été peninsula, Monte-Carlo Bay (4 stars) and Monte-Carlo Beach creating an exceptional complex of luxury experiences.

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