Mozza becomes Zeffirino: The Culinary Revolution on Rue du Portier

Mozza makes way for Zeffirino: The Culinary Legacy of Riccardo Giraudi

The Rue du Portier in Monaco, known for its gastronomic prestige, is about to undergo a major change. The famous Mozza restaurant, a pillar of Italian cuisine in the region, is being transformed to make way for Zeffirino, a new culinary vision under the aegis of Riccardo Giraudi. This transformation is not just a name change, but a complete overhaul of the dining experience, promising to bring a touch of Genoa to the heart of Monaco.

Riccardo Giraudi, an iconic figure in the restaurant world, is known for his ability to reinvent and innovate in the culinary sector. After graduating from London's European Business School in 1999, Giraudi began to breathe new life into the family-owned Giraudi Group, specialising in exclusive meats. Under his leadership, the group became a leader in importing American Black Angus meat and later expanded into Australian meat, before becoming Europe's leading importer of Japanese-certified Kobe meat in 2014.

This penchant for excellence and quality is reflected in Mozza's transformation into Zeffirino. The new restaurant promises to honor Genoa's rich culinary tradition, especially through its world-renowned pesto, which once seduced celebrities like Frank Sinatra. Giraudi, with his flair for detecting and embracing new trends, intends to bring a refreshing and authentic culinary experience to Monegasque and international customers.

Zeffirino is not just a restaurant, it is a testament to a culinary heritage deeply rooted in Italian culture. Embracing the traditions of Genoa, the restaurant offers a window into the soul of Italian cuisine, where each dish tells a story of passion, tradition and creativity. Genovese cuisine, with its famous pesto, fresh seafood, and artisan pasta, takes pride of place on Zeffirino's menu. This commitment to authenticity reflects Riccardo Giraudi's philosophy of seeing food as both a gustatory pleasure, and a form of art and cultural expression.

Beyond the dining experience, Zeffirino is designed to be a space where luxury and comfort meet. Inspired by the elegance and charm of the Italian Riviera, the restaurant's décor promises to be as impressive as the dishes served. By creating an environment that evokes the ambience of a traditional Italian port, Zeffirino intends to offer its guests an immersive experience, where each visit is a celebration of the richness and diversity of Italian culture.

By creating an environment that evokes the ambience of a traditional Italian port, Zeffirino intends to offer its guests an immersive experience, where each visit is a celebration of the richness and diversity of Italian culture.

Anticipating the future, the work to transform Mozza into Zeffirino began at the end of 2023. Scheduled to last between two and three months, this work is not only a physical renovation but also a conceptual reinvention. This period of change marked a decisive turning point for the restaurant and heralded the arrival of a new culinary era on Rue du Portier.

The next section of this article will take a closer look at the design and layout planned for Zeffirino, revealing how this space will be transformed to reflect Riccardo Giraudi's unique vision and to offer a unique dining experience in Monaco.


Zeffirino's Design: A Reinvented Space for a Unique Experience

Work is underway to renovate the space formerly occupied by Mozza, with meticulous attention to every detail. Riccardo Giraudi, known for his visionary approach to dining, aims to create a space that embodies both the elegance and tradition of Genovese cuisine. Inspired by the architecture and design of Genoa, Zeffirino promises to be a place where style and comfort meet, offering an atmosphere that is both modern and timeless.

The renovation aims to create a place that is not only a restaurant, but a destination in its own right. Zeffirino's interior will be designed to reflect the beauty and charm of the Italian Riviera, with noble materials, soft colors and abundant natural light. Every element, from furniture to artwork, has been chosen to evoke a sense of understated luxury and comfort. The layout of the spaces will be designed to foster a friendly and immersive experience, allowing guests to feel transported to another world, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In addition, special emphasis will be placed on the kitchen, which will be at the heart of Zeffirino's concept. The open kitchen design will allow guests to observe the chefs in action, creating an interactive and engaging experience. This approach underscores Riccardo Giraudi's commitment to transparency and quality, allowing diners to see with their own eyes the preparation of their dishes.


Zeffirino's Menu: An Ode to Genovese Cuisine

Zeffirino's renovation is not limited to its architecture and décor; It also extends to the reinvention of its menu. Zeffirino is about to offer a menu that pays tribute to the richness and diversity of Genovese cuisine. This menu will be a true celebration of the flavors and traditions of Genoa, with a special focus on Genovese pesto, considered one of the best culinary expressions of the region.

The pesto, prepared using traditional methods and with fresh, local ingredients, will be the highlight of the menu. But Zeffirino will go above and beyond by exploring an extensive range of typical Genoese dishes, such as fresh seafood, artisan pasta and a variety of dishes made with seasonal vegetables. The aim is to create an experience where each dish tells a story, that of the land, the sea and the people who make Genovese cuisine a culinary treasure.

The restaurant also plans to introduce elements of surprise and innovation to its menu, combining traditional flavors with modern preparation and presentation techniques. This fusion of old and new is a reflection of Riccardo Giraudi's philosophy, which aims to reinvent gastronomy while respecting its roots.

In addition, special attention will be paid to the selection of wines and beverages, with a focus on regional Italian wines, to complete the dining experience. Guests will be able to taste carefully selected wines that enhance the flavors of the dishes, creating a perfect harmony between food and wine.


Zeffirino in the Competitive Landscape of the Rue du Portier

As Zeffirino prepares to open its doors on Rue du Portier, he enters an environment already rich in renowned culinary establishments, especially Italian. This street is a crossroads of gastronomy in Monaco, home to restaurants such as Le Pulcinella and La Piazza, recognized by lovers of good Italian cuisine. These establishments, established and well-liked, pose an interesting challenge for the newcomer, Zeffirino.

The departure of Mozza, with its unique concept and renowned cuisine, leaves a void that regulars will certainly regret. Mozza wasn't just a restaurant; It was a culinary institution that had its special place in the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Its warm atmosphere and delicious food will be missed by many. The arrival of Zeffirino, while bringing a breath of fresh air, will have to prove itself to fill the void left by Mozza.

Not far away, Cipriani, another renowned Italian restaurant, is also a strong competitor for Zeffirino. With the presence of these four Italian restaurants on the same street, the competition promises to be fierce. Each of these establishments brings its own interpretation of Italian cuisine, creating a vibrant and varied gastronomic landscape. This concentration of Italian restaurants sets the bar high in terms of quality and originality, with each establishment striving to stand out and attract both local and international customers.

The imminent opening of Zeffirino on Rue du Portier marks a new chapter in Monaco's gastronomic landscape. If Mozza's death has left a void, the arrival of Zeffirino with his promise of authentic Genovese cuisine arouses considerable interest and curiosity. In an environment already saturated with Italian flavors, Zeffirino's ability to stand out and captivate customers will be crucial.

The challenge for Zeffirino will be to win the hearts of Mozza's former loyalists while attracting new customers. With competition as fierce as that of La Piazza, Pulcinella, and Cipriani, the restaurant must not only offer exceptional cuisine, but also create an overall memorable experience. The quality of service, the atmosphere, and the authenticity of the dishes will be key factors in Zeffirino's success.

Zeffirino's future looks bright, but only time will reveal his real impact on Rue du Portier and beyond. With the upcoming opening, lovers of Italian cuisine in Monaco and beyond are eagerly awaiting whether Zeffirino will be able to set a new benchmark in the culinary richness of this vibrant street. One thing is for sure: Monaco's food scene continues to evolve, offering diverse and exciting dining experiences for all palates.


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