Park & Ride with 3000 spaces in Èze

3000 Spaces Parking in Èze: A Major Project


A Park & Ride in Eze to Solve the Traffic Problem

The Principality of Monaco is seeking to solve its road traffic problem by proposing a major project: the creation of a 3000-space park-and-ride facility in Èze, on the Brasca site. This initiative aims to improve the mobility of the thousands of employees who make daily round trips from France to Monaco, thus contributing to the smoother entry into the Principality.

The Minister of State, Pierre Dartout, announced this project during a public session of the National Council. The 3000-space park-and-ride facility in Èze is considered an effective solution to reduce traffic congestion on the outskirts of Monaco. By buying the Brasca site for €13 million in 2017, the Monegasque government laid the foundations for this project, which is proving crucial to improving mobility in the region.

In addition to the park-and-ride facility, the project also includes the creation of a road hopper, which will be carried out in the short term. The key element of this project is the establishment of a direct link to the Principality, which will be underground and by rail. This high-speed link aims to offer an efficient and fast transport solution for users, thus reducing travel times between Èze and Monaco.


Environmental Studies and Franco-Monegasque Cooperation

However, to make this ambitious project a reality, important steps remain to be taken. Meetings have been scheduled with the French authorities, and environmental studies are underway. The objective of these studies is to identify any regulatory constraints related to the presence of protected species on the site of the future car park and the environmental impacts of the underground link.

Cooperation between Monaco and France is essential to carry out this project, which will benefit both countries by improving the fluidity of travel.


The Nice-Monaco Metro Option

Regarding the National Council's request for the construction of an express metro line between Nice and Monaco, the Minister of State stressed that this project is not excluded, but it is particularly complex in terms of cost and scope. The current priority remains to solve the traffic problem at the entrance to Monaco thanks to the Brasca project.


A Budget Surplus for 2023

In parallel with this announcement, the National Council examined the draft law on the establishment of the General Amending State Budget for the 2023 financial year. The amending budget amounts to €2.2 billion, with a surplus balance of €10.1 million. This financial stability shows that the Principality is in good economic health despite international budgetary challenges.

The 3000-space park-and-ride project in Èze is a crucial step to improve mobility in the region and reduce traffic congestion at the entrance to Monaco. However, the completion of this project will depend on Franco-Monegasque cooperation and the success of ongoing environmental studies.

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