The Exotic Garden of Monaco

The Exotic Garden of Monaco: A suspended botanical treasure


The history of the Exotic Garden of Monaco dates back to the late nineteenth century, when Augustin Gastaud, Head Gardener of the Saint-Martin gardens, created his collection of succulents in Monaco-Ville. This collection quickly aroused the interest of Prince Albert I, who decided to build a garden dedicated to these remarkable plants.

After many years of work and precautions, the Exotic Garden was inaugurated in 1933 by Prince Louis II. Since then, it has become a staple of Monegasque tourism, attracting visitors from all over the world. Its success is such that it gave its name to the neighborhood that surrounds it, the famous Exotic Garden district.


Presentation of the Exotic Garden

The Exotic Garden of Monaco is a real hanging gem. Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Révoires district, it offers stunning views of the Principality and is home to an incredible variety of succulents.

The plants acclimatized in this garden come from different dry areas of the world, such as the southwestern United States, Mexico, Central and South America, South Africa, the Orient and the Arabian Peninsula. Cacti, with their extravagant shapes, are particularly representative of this exceptional flora.

The blooms of succulents vary throughout the year, offering a colorful and diverse spectacle. Some bloom in winter, such as African Aloe and Crassula, while most cacti bloom in spring and summer. These diurnal flowers, often large and brightly coloured, add a touch of splendor to the garden.


The Observatory Cave

Adjacent to the Exotic Garden is the Observatory Cave, an underground cavity discovered during the garden's creation work. This cave, named after the small astronomical observatory that once stood there, is adorned with spectacular limestone formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and columns.

The visit to the cave, included in the entrance ticket to the Exotic Garden, is guided by specialists. It takes you through the various underground galleries, offering a fascinating insight into the geological history of the area and the prehistoric remains found around the cave.


The Botanical Centre

The Botanical Center of the Exotic Garden is another place of interest not to be missed. It houses the greenhouses that contain the most important collections of cacti and succulents in the world. You can visit them in free access from Tuesday to Saturday.

These greenhouses are a precious heritage and serve for the conservation of many rare and endangered plant species. They also play a role in the multiplication of plants intended to be displayed in the garden or during florals.

The new building of the Botanical Centre, inaugurated in 2017, offers a modern space to house the greenhouses and the facilities necessary for their maintenance. It is located in front of the Exotic Garden and is an interesting complementary stop during your visit.


Plan your visit

The Jardin Exotique de Monaco is currently closed in 2023 for renovation and security work on the site. However, you can follow the news and beautiful daily photos of the garden on their Facebook page.

Once reopened, the garden promises you a unique experience, where you can admire the beauty of succulents, enjoy exceptional panoramic views and explore the fascinating Observatory Grotto.

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