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A new neighborhood - Anse du Portier Monaco

The Mareterra project, also called Anse du Portier, is a new waterfront eco-district located in Monaco. The promenade, along the coast from the new port to the Grimaldi forum, is a new opportunity to reconnect with the sea while creating a new passage to Larvotto beach.

The name 'Mareterra' is inspired by two complementary elements, the Sea and the Land, which define this project. It represents a new set of residential, cultural and recreational spaces. It offers investors a collection of stylish apartments, townhouses, penthouses, as well as a limited number of villas.

This district, largely pedestrian, will be completed by shops, green spaces with a large lush park, leisure areas, underground parking and a port. The plan of the district was designed to integrate with the existing coastline and offer Monegasques new opportunities for leisure and culture.

Ports have always been the nerve center in the Mediterranean. This small 15-ring marina surrounded by an esplanade of excellent shops and restaurants will perfectly reflect its spirit: that of a warm place dedicated to conviviality and relaxation.


Renowned architects

The project was designed by a team of internationally renowned designers, architects, engineers and environmental experts. The two architectural firms; Valode & Pistre Architects and Renzo Piano Building Workshop are the main designers of the Monaco extension.

Founded in 1980, Valode & Pistre Architects is one of the most renowned architecture firms in France. Its founders, Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, are passionate about creating new environments that celebrate both natural and man-made elements. The design team is completed by the architectural firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop, founded by the famous architect Renzo Piano.

Each of his projects is a specific response to the particularity of a place, resulting in a creative solution encompassing architecture, art, engineering and technology.

The Mareterra project will be endowed with the work “Quatre lances”, by Alexander Calder, a great master of modern sculpture. Made of riveted sheet steel, it was acquired by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966. This work forms a strong link between the art of men and that of nature.


Residences and dwellings

In total, the residences of the project include 110 apartments and 10 villas, of which 6 villas will face the sea.

The "Le Renzo" residence is located at the far west of the district and overlooks the port and the Mareterra shopping square. The apartments are bright and airy. “Les Jardins d’Eau” feature voluminous apartments and spacious balconies inviting residents to make the most of outdoor living.

Plus, residents of these apartments will also enjoy a selection of amenities such as spas, swimming pools, fitness center, wine cellars, hair salons and massage parlours. The Mareterra Townhouses are hidden in a green environment and covered with the same lush vegetation as the rest of Mareterra. Each of these townhouses has an interior patio, offering residents the chance to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature from the comfort of their own home.

Finally, "Les Villas Mareterra" are the new generation of traditional Belle Epoque residences in Monaco. These modern villas have large volumes and perfectly bring together indoor and outdoor living spaces. They are limited in number and each unique in its architecture.


Recreational green spaces

At the heart of Mareterra, green spaces will be designed to accommodate exotic vegetation with majestic trees, shrubs and flower bushes. Green spaces, pleasant and shaded, will allow residents to come and meditate and recharge their batteries in nature.

The landscaped green spaces are designed to encourage wildlife to flourish and for this, insect hotels and birdhouses will be provided. Mareterra will aim to become one with nature.


Nature friendly

The Mareterra district has state-of-the-art green technology to put sustainable development at the heart of Monaco's concerns. The objective set by Prince Albert II aims to guarantee the Principality's carbon neutrality by 2050. For this, the project includes 4,500 square meters of solar panels, rainwater recovery systems providing 50% of reuse and heat pumps. In the Mareterra eco-district, an average of 80% of heating will be generated by renewable energies.

Also, four parking spaces will be allocated to the MOBEE club, Monaco's car-sharing service.


Sustainable construction

Mareterra's sustainable construction process is subject to various ecological certifications in order to guarantee the protection of the existing landscape. The implementation of a strict protocol aims to preserve the marine fauna and flora around the site. This minimizes the impact of construction on the environment. The protocol notably includes the protection of “Posidonia Oceanica”, a protected species of seagrass on nearly 510 square meters.


Mareterra - figures and key elements

  • 110 apartments
  • 10 villas
  • 19,000 meters of pedestrian spaces
  • 600 meters of cycle paths
  • 800 trees planted on nearly 27,000 square meters of land
  • 50% of rainwater will be re-used
  • 4,500 square meters of solar panels
  • 200 electric charging stations


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