Monaco Residency : Our guide to apply from and outside UE

Monaco Residency : How to apply from and outside Europe

Principle and conditions:

The Principality of Monaco, a sovereign state located on the shores of the Mediterranean, attracts foreigners from all over the world who wish to reside there. However, to stay on its territory for more than three months or to establish residence there after buying real estate, it is necessary to apply for a long residency permit from the Monegasque authorities.

This residency permit certifies the authorization given to a foreign national over the age of 16 to stay more than three months on the national territory or to settle there. It also allows its holder, a national of a State outside the European Economic Area, with a valid passport, to move freely within the Schengen area without having to apply for a short-stay visa.

However, the conditions for settling  foreigners on Monegasque territory vary according to the citizenship of the applicant. Indeed, it is imperative to justify housing adapted to the needs of the people residing there, whether as:

  • owner of real estate
  •  administrator or shareholder of a company that owns a real estate
  • tenant
  • hosted by a close relative, spouse or person with whom you live as a couple.

In addition, financial resources must be sufficient, whether:

  • A salary
  • Professional income
  • Savings deemed sufficient (independent commercial activity or through a company)
  • Care by a parent, spouse or person with whom you live as a couple.

It is also required to provide an extract from the criminal record or equivalent from the authorities of the last country or two where you have resided for the last five years before arriving in Monaco. If the situation of the applicant does not correspond to the cases stated or if, for a major reason, he is unable to provide one of the documents requested, it is advisable to contact the Section of Residents, Certifications and found objects for an analysis of the situation.

Finally, it is important to note that the residence permit must be returned in the event of departure from Monaco. The issue fees for a first card amount to 80 euros and the "temporary" category card is valid for one year without any length of residence condition.


Formalities for obtaining a visa or a settlement permit:

For EEA nationals:

For citizens of the European Union, no visa procedure is required.

Non-EEA nationals:

However, for non-European Economic (EEA) nationals, a visa application or a settlement permit is required at the immigration service.

It should be noted that, since February 1, 2020, the United Kingdom has left the European Union and is considered a third country. Its citizens therefore no longer benefit from free movement and must comply with settlement visa procedures. There is no derogatory status for parents or allies of British nationals holding a valid Monegasque residence permit.

If you have resided in France for more than a year: You must submit a residence transfer request to the French Embassy in Monaco with the immigration services. Indeed, immigration control by Monegasque customs is based on French rules.

In other cases: You must apply for an establishment visa (type D) for Monaco at the French consulate closest to your last place of residence. Exceptionally, foreigners who are already in the Principality and have accommodation there may request authorization from the Department of the Interior to undertake these procedures directly with the French Embassy in Monaco (article 5 of the Franco Monegasque Convention neighborhood).

The visa is compulsory in order to be able to file an application for a resident card.


Gather documents proving accommodation:

To prove accommodation in Monaco, it is necessary to provide a minimum of documents depending on your situation. First of all, you must present, in any case, the subscription contract or the last electricity bill.

Then, if you or your company own the accommodation, you will need to provide a notarial deed of ownership. If you are an owner through a company, you must provide the articles of association of the company as well as proof of ownership of shares or a certificate confirming your functions within the company will be required.

If you are a tenant, you will need to provide the rental lease registered with the Direction des Services Fiscaux.

Finally, if you are hosted by a close relative, your spouse or the person with whom you live as a couple, you must present a certificate of accommodation free of charge, signed by the person hosting you. If this person is a tenant, you will also need to provide the rental lease, and if they are the owner, the deed of ownership.


Gather proof of sufficient resources:

It is important to note that the translation of documents written in a language other than French, English or Italian must be provided. In addition to the documents listed below, the Residents' Section reserves the right to request any other supporting documents.


  • If you are self-employed, manager or director of a company practicing in Monaco or its surroundings, it is necessary to provide: an extract from the Trade and Industry Directory or an extract of the Kbis for activities carried out in France.
  • If you are a future business creator in Monaco: a receipt from the Department of Economic Expansion confirming the admissibility of a request to create a company must be presented. This receipt is used to initiate the application for a residence permit with the Resident, Certifications and Lost Property Section.
  • For employees working in Monaco: A certificate from the Employment Service is required to authorize work in Monaco. Depending on the case, a promise of employment, a request for authorization to hire, or your work permit and your last payslip may be presented. It should be noted that the issuance of these documents by the Employment Service is subject to compliance with the legal provisions on hiring (Law 629 of July 17, 1957 to regulate the conditions of hiring and dismissal in the Principality) .
  • If you are retired: Proof of retirement must be provided.
  • For those who are supported by a third person: a letter of support from a third person (parent, spouse or the person with whom you are living as a couple), downloadable from the official Monaco website, one of the documents justifying the financial resources of this person according to his case, are required.

Other condition: In the event of a particular financial situation, a valid bank certificate from a Monaco establishment indicating that you have the means to reside in Monaco can be provided. For all other situations, it is recommended to refer to the Residents, Certifications and Lost Property Section, whose contact details are available on the official Monaco website, in order to determine which documents can be provided depending on your situation.


Assembly of other supporting documents required:

The following documents are also required to complete your residence permit application file:

  • A valid passport with the settlement visa
  • A French residence permit, if applicable
  • A birth certificate
  • An extract from your criminal record or equivalent (Certificato penale, Criminal record, etc.) issued by the authorities of the last two countries where you have resided during the last five years before your arrival in Monaco.

Depending on your situation, the following documents may be required:

  • If you are married: a marriage certificate.
  • If you have children under the age of 16: a passport or national identity card for each child, proof of custody of minor children, if applicable, proof of adoption, if applicable, and a proof of education for children attending school outside Monaco.
  • If you are a student: proof of student status.
  • If you are divorced or separated: an act of divorce or an act of legal separation.


Steps to apply for your residence permit

Apply for a residence permit online

Before applying for a residence permit via the dedicated teleservice, you must first obtain a sworn statement. This certificate must be completed and signed. Next, you must prepare all the required supporting documents in digital format. Our agency Petrini Exclusive Real Estate Monaco specializes in helping foreign citizens to settle in the principality, we have many contacts with consulting firms.


Apply for a residence permit by post

If you cannot submit your request electronically, you can obtain the certified "first card request" form and the list of documents to be provided by submitting a request by post. You must specify in your request your surnames, first names, date of birth, telephone number, postal address, the nature of the request and the reason for preventing the online process.

Once you have completed the form and prepared the copies of the required supporting documents, you must send your request to the following address: DIRECTION DE LA SURETE PUBLIQUE - DIVISION DE POLICE ADMINISTRATIVE, Stade Louis II, entrance B, floor 1, MC 98000 MONACO.


After analysis of your file, you will be contacted by telephone to schedule an interview. If your file is accepted at the end of the investigation, a second meeting will be fixed for the enrollment and the delivery of your residence permit.


Administrative procedures related to the existing residence card


Renewal of the residency permit:

If you are living in Monaco and your residency permit is about to expire, it is necessary to follow a renewal procedure in order to remain in a regular situation.


Duplicate residence card:

In the event of loss, theft or damage to your residency permit, it is imperative to request a duplicate in order to be able to prove your resident status.


Changes to report:

If you have changed your marital status, address, citizenship or profession since your residence permit was issued, it is important to report these changes so that they appear on your card.


Application for a residence certificate:

If you wish to obtain a document attesting to your residence in the Principality of Monaco, you can apply for a certificate of residence for the purposes of administrative formalities.


Monaco attracts many expatriates and local residents due to its advantageous taxation. Monegasque residents benefit from an exemption from income tax and are not subject to wealth tax, property tax or housing tax. If this subject interests you, do not hesitate to consult our article Tax in Monaco: the advantages of taxation for expatriates and Monegasques. If you wish to make an investment in the purchase or rental of real estate to reside there, do not hesitate to contact our real estate agency. We will be happy to support you throughout the process, providing you with our expertise and experience in this area.

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